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In Our Closet



"Grace" in Blush

Je ne peux effacer l’empreinte du passé…”, a French turn-of-phrase which means “I cannot erase the imprint of the past.

"Nikki" in Denim

There is a life before Empreinte and a life with Empreinte.

"Kaela" in Muscade



A History of Icons

In 1962, through an unwavering commitment to both comfort and beauty, Empreinte became one of the first French brands to design and manufacture lingerie that went up to an E cup (it currently offers cup sizes up to H cups). With its exclusive atelier in Paris, Empreinte continues to offer an outstanding range of lingerie that marries great comfort and extraordinary aesthetics. Empreinte bras are made of the finest fabrics and are beautifully designed, while offering unparalelled support to make you look and feel your best.


"Apolline" in Black

"Lilly Rose" in Chantilly


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"Cate" in Pansy


Every detail, from the uplifting underwire that enhances your shape, to the classic styling that boosts your confidence, Goddess creates a flawless fit right up to an N cup, that you'll fall head over heels for.

"Raquel" in Taupe

You know what looks great, what goes, what works. And Elomi/Goddess, created for your fuller figure, might just be the extra touch you’ve been looking for. If you want plus size lingerie with unparalleled fit, effortless support and striking design - you’ve come to the right place.

"Opal" in Black


Sheer elegance and total comfort go hand-in-hand with Elomi Lingerie, a company who understands what lingerie can do for your confidence. Elomi bras allow women to enjoy the perfect fit and excellent support in a range of sophisticated looks, right up to a J cup.

"Matilda" in Black

"Soraya" in Black

"Kiki" in Lagoon

"Cate" in Black


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Prima Donna

Neroli - Banner.jpg

"Oriental Night " in Sultry Sand

The Ode To Curves campaign is really exciting ... It’s just so nice to wear something that fits my body so well.
— Myla Dalbesio

"Madison" in Cafe Latte

"Deauville" in Black

That Perfect Fit

It takes you 10 seconds to feel the perfect fit. It takes Prima Donna 18 months to create the perfect bra. Prima Donna bras are meticulously designed to embrace your curves and accentuate your natural elegance.

"Couture" in Ivory

"Delight" in Pink Orchid

It's All In The Details

How come your PrimaDonna bra is perfect down to every last detail? It has everything to do with PrimaDonna’s 150 years of expertise in large-cup lingerie. By putting together each bra with the greatest of care – largely by hand – they ensure that your PrimaDonna bra fits perfectly.

"Eternal" in Patine


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Marie Jo

Avero - Rainbow - Banner.jpg

Marie Jo

Fine Belgian lingerie, created with care for women on the move. Marie Jo and Marie Jo L' Aventure stand for pure, feminine lingerie, made of superior materials and boasting an excellent fit.

"Naomi" in Patine

Marie Jo Believes:

Take the Risk or Lose the Chance

Created for Living and Loving

"Angelina" in Delphi Blue

"Tilda" in Chantilly

It’s a great start to every morning when you can slip into beautiful lingerie. It’s a gift to yourself!
— A Marie Jo Customer

"Robbie" in Cafe Latte


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"Irresistible" in Python

Parisian, bold, spontaneous ... The French Allure cannot be explained. It is shown in a gesture, a look, a posture, and in the very French “je ne sais quoi

"Présage" in Black

The Secret To A Great Fit

Since 1876, Chantelle has developed an exceptional know-how. The craft, expertise and "secret" are passed on from generation to generation of seamstresses throughout the years. This offers women everyday underwear made from rich fabrics and with the most precise fit, similar to a couture design.

"Aéria Spacer Tulle" in Golden Beige

"Pont Neuf" in Ivory


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Marlies | Dekkers



International Pioneer

As the pioneer of the trend 'innerwear as outerwear', Marlies Dekkers has proven her versatility. Her designs are seen internationally as trendsetting, innovative, and pioneering. Marlies Dekkers has changed the world of lingerie for good with her inspiring designs and personal philosophy of loving one's own body for all it has to offer.

"Crouching Tiger" in Rumba Red

It is my life’s purpose to boost women’s confidence. I am committed to elevate your spirit, applaud all your talents and inject you with infinite doses of strength.
— Marlies Dekkers

"Black Tie" in Ivory

"Dame De Paris" in Hidden Purple

"Calamity Jane" in Denim

"Gloria" in Rhapsody

A Quarter Century of Success

Twenty-four years of lingerie evolution, of pushing boundaries, of innovation, of innerwear becomes outerwear, of making women more beautiful and more confident with high end lingerie designs. Twenty-four years of Dare to Be!


"Space Odyssey" in Camel


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"Caresse" in Black

The Starting Point for Perfection

Making your body beautiful is not a goal, it's a starting point of personal fulfillment. Thanks to the expert knowledge of your silhouette, Simone Pérèle embellishes your curves, bringing you your unique self-confidence. "Self confidence is a beauty that never fades", as Mme Simone Pérèle would have said. So have some fun, get started, and reveal the very best of yourself.

"Caresse Cotton" in Black

"Caresse Cotton" in Black


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"Rebecca" in Black

We believe all women should love their curves. Whatever size they are.

"Jacqueline" in Slate

Effortless Support

Designed to provide effortless support to bring out the best in your figure, Fantasie’s sophisticated styles and blissful fabrics will wrap you in amazing comfort and fill you with confidence every single day. Designed to support a fuller cup, Fantasie bras come in a wide range of beautiful styles.

"Estelle" in Silver

"Alex" in Denim

Incredible Comfort

Fantasie lingerie is designed to be so comfortable, if it wasn’t for the amazing support you wouldn’t even know you were wearing it. To achieve this, all our ranges are individually graded and tested on real people of varying shapes and sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

"Smoothing" in Beige


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