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Bra Fitting

We do bra fittings Tuesday - Saturday, from 10am to 5pm. No appointment is necessary.

6 Things We Want You To Remember:


Keep it positive- and we mean body positive!

This is real life advice here, and it’s good, so listen up:

Nobody is as critical of you as you are of yourself. 

Your body is yours, and it’s the only one you’ve got. It's capable of so many amazing, exciting and loving things! You will never replace it with somebody else's (unless brain transplants become a thing) so learn to love the beautiful body you already have. Don’t ever apologize to anyone for anything about your body, as you have nothing to be sorry for. So remember how stunning you already are - just as you already are - and get excited about finding a new bra! Consider it a thank you present to your wonderful body for everything it does for you.

Human Not a Size-1.jpg

You are a human, not a size.

Don’t get hung up on a letter and a number. There are so many factors that determine what size of bra will fit you, and those factors often change from one bra to the next. Letters and numbers cannot describe your body! 

Everybody's experience in the change room is remarkably similar, despite how unique everyone believes their body to be. Sometimes it takes a little while to find that perfect fit, and it's the fit and comfort we're after, not the numbers on the tag. 


Give yourself enough time. At least 30 minutes.

Even if you’re lucky enough to be the only one in the store, it will still take time for us to find you the right size and shape and colour and fabric and… you get the picture. And don’t park in the loading zone!

We love taking the time to find exactly what you need so you can enjoy your new bra for years to come!


Choose your shopping companions wisely.

We understand the importance of support - including moral support! If you decide to bring a friend, make sure to carefully consider who to bring with you. Make sure that person is kind, and not just to us! (Although when a well-meaning mother or bestie hijacks the appointment, it can be very frustrating for everyone) But make sure they will be kind to YOU. YOU are the one in an intimate, vulnerable place, and if your companion decides to go off on an inconsiderate tangent they expect you to find humorous, it can be crushing and you’ll just want to bail. Trust us.


There are so many fun things to try!

Be prepared to try on things that are outside your boundaries. As long as you're already trying on new bras, take a moment to try something unexpected. Only wear seamless moulded bras? Try lace. Only wear beige bras? Try your favourite colour!

You'll be amazed how wonderful something you've never thought of trying can feel! And sometimes that colour you thought you could never wear actually looks stunning against your skin-tone. 


Check Your Mood Beforehand

Bra shopping can be a time when you laugh and crack jokes or it can be the nightmare you imagined it to be. If you can’t start by having fun, start by just keeping an open mind. Sometimes you just can’t do it - and that’s okay. 

Our guarantee is that if you come in with the right head-space, the entire process will be easier. Maybe even - dare we say it - an enjoyable, uplifting and very fun experience!