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Intima Awards 2019

Pam Klette

I’m finally decompressing from the Curve Expo in New York City!

intima nominee.jpg

I had a great time and had the opportunity to meet a lot of new brand reps, see a lot of Lingerie in action (a model cartwheeled in a strapless bra so we’ll be bringing THAT in), and last but not least, attended the invitation-only Best Of Intima Awards gala dinner.

Our little Saskatoon store was a finalist in the “Personal Touch” category. I didn’t set out here for recognition, but sometimes it’s nice, just the same. So come on in and see the magazine we made it into- I couldn’t be more proud of my little boutique. It’s truly a labor of love.



Things I've Learned Selling Lingerie

Pam Klette

Holy smokes, what a job! Fitting bras has been some of the most rewarding work I’ve done. Ever. I love it! And I’ve learned a LOT. So for my first post, I thought I’d share the big four, at least for me.

1. Everybody has something. 

I mean everybody has something they don’t like or aren’t satisfied with about their bodies. Intelligent and beautiful women step into the change room and something… well, changes. They feel like they need to belittle themselves or reveal they’re trying to lose weight. They make excuses for their bodies, the bodies that have embraced loved ones, bodies that may have carried them all day long on two able-bodied legs, that have seen and done amazing things for them. This fitting room phenomenon has certainly taught me to value my own imperfect, yet able-bodied shape.

2. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your budget. 

It’s ok to be on a tight budget without being a retiree or a student. If you can’t spend $250 for a bra, that’s fine and if you’re shopping places where the clerks are making you feel ashamed or uncomfortable, maybe you need to take your dollars elsewhere. However, if you can’t spend more than $80 on a bra in a bra store full of fine and high-end imported lingerie, that’s something you need to communicate before we fit you in the perfect bra that’s totalling up at twice your budget. Yikes! I want your shopping experience to be a positive one, and making you feel lousy about money isn’t part of that. Having said that…

3. There’s a high cost that follows cheap fashion. 

If you’re buying poorly fitting bras (or shoes, or sweaters) that are stretching out and needing to be replaced once every six months, then you’re  not doing yourself any favours. A cheap $50 bra that gets replaced twice a year, assuming you have at least two bras, is costing you upwards of $200/year. Even if you’re buying your bras at a discount department store and they’re in a bin for $19.99, four bras per year is $80.00… And believe me, those bras are not made well enough to be worn for six months. Why not save up and invest in a collection of two or three you can alternate that will last for years? Yes, I said YEARS.

4. Lingerie is not about sex. Lingerie is about YOU

Lingerie is about YOU, the consumer, the woman buying it. It isn’t about your partner, and it isn’t just for women with partners. You can wear beautiful (dare I say sexy?) lingerie even if you’ve taken a vow of celibacy. You can enjoy the look and feel of fine lingerie no matter what your romantic situation is. And, for goodness’ sake, DO NOT keep your lingerie on a pedestal. This is stuff you own- you can wear a silk bra under your Huskies sweater while eating chips and watching Netflix on a Tuesday evening if it feels great (and believe me, it does).

No list short enough to post would be complete, but these are the big four for me. These are the things I wish I could psychically communicate to each woman I fit.